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about Me

Hi!  I’m Rashmi Padhy and welcome to Exam Tips. I’m so glad you’re here! 

When I started my 11+ journey for my daughter, I soon realised that it would not be an easy task. Getting free downloadable 11+ past papers and materials was a gigantic task, but I was not ready to give up.  I used all my past quality assurance engineering skills with Google with all possible search queries but in the end both Google and I had to give up. I begged, borrowed (of course did not steal :) ) past papers from friends, different forums, schools websites and also spent a LOT to get these materials. Although the challenges were significant, it all paid off well when my daughter secured a place in one of the top grammar schools. 

I believe no parents should go through the same struggle as I did and Examtips is my answer. Examtips is my blog where I intend to share all free downloadable 11+ past papers along with answers to all 11+ aspirants and parents.  Along with the past papers Examtips also has Maths and English tips for 11+ exams.   

Although I invested to bring Examtips to life, a generous donation to Examtips will help to keep it running. You can donate by clicking the donate button below.

I wish you and your child/children all the very best for the 11+ exams.

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